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NEWS: Following the university entrance examination reform, led by the Ministry of Education, the university entrance examination in English will change from 2 skills (listening / reading) to 4 skills, essential for English communication (listening, reading, speaking, writing) as of the year 2020.

About the integral reform of high school education, university education and university entrance Selection toward the realization of high-level connection suitable for a new era (PDF P.12)

4技能マスター マンツーマンレッスン 中高生英会話 English Courses for Teens

The junior High and High School program is customized to focus on the four essential skills required skills required for the future university entrance examinations and employment four skills level (listening, reading, speaking, and writing). Our teachers at NFAIS, are motivated at teaching from beginner to advance levels, setting goals and working together to achieve the best outcome and performance of our students.

帰国生マンツーマンレッスン International Students and Returnee

NFAIS teachers try their best to improve your English conversation abilities required for use abroad.

英検対策マンツーマンクラス(5~1級) Eiken Course

NFAIS will guide you through basic to advanced English, giving you the tools necessary to form long, cohesive sentences,repetitive listening to familiarize yourself with vocabulary and pronunciation, as well as time management. In addition,we conduct interim exercises for practical exams and for the second exams for third grade and higher

Tuition fee : ◆ Teens, One-on-one lessons, (1 lesson 50 minutes): 4,500 Yen
◆ Eiken Course, One-on-one lessons, (1 lesson 50 minutes): 5,500 Yen