NFA 英会話 三鷹・吉祥寺



Admission fee: 0 Yen

ネイティブ教師によるマンツーマンビジネス英会話(初級~上級) English Courses for Adults

You can take beginning English conversation lessons. Learn the words and phrases necessary, for business, conversation. Your lessons will include English conversation practice, as well as, debate & presentation skills.

  • There is also a short intensive course available.
◆ Tuition fee
One-to-one lesson (1 lesson 50 minutes): 4,500 Yen

ネイティブ教師による日常英会話マンツーマンレッスン(初級~上級) Casual English Lesson

Let’s enjoy casual conversation with native English speaker. Free, structuredconversation with variety of foreignteachers .Speak freely about; hobbies, overseas hips and studying abroad etc. lessons and conversation will be conducted according to students skill level and pace customizing each lesson to their ability.

◆ Teacher’s introduction
Our teachers have experienced in structuring at major companies and can teach accordingly, from beginner to advanced.
◆ Tuition fee
One-to-one lesson (1 lesson 50 minutes): 4,500 Yen

ネイティブ教師によるビジネス向けマンツーマントレーニング(初級~上級) Specialist English Trainer

General English Plus, Business English, Aviation English (Pilot & Flight Attendant), Medical English, Nursing English, Information Technology, Executive Program, Overseas Traveler, Tech Talk, V.I.P., and other courses. NFAIS trainers teach with carefully structured curriculum. Also, you will acquire negotiations skills and business etiquette.

◆ Teacher Introduction
This is a “veteran teacher”, who is trained in a variety of occupations terminology.
◆ Tuition fees
One-to-one lesson, (1 lesson 50 minutes): 4,500 Yen ~ 40,000 Yen