NFA 英会話 三鷹・吉祥寺


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NEW FRONTIER ALLIANCE (NFA) English School was established in 1996 and is known for its high level of student support. At that time most NFA were at the beginner level stage, but commended the “quality of curriculum” and admired that it is “a program tailored to the needs of each student”. Students who took the TOEIC test received score of 800 ~ 900 and took advantage of their score to exceed and improve their work. As of 2007, NFA offered language instruction covering the four main skills essential for English communication; speaking, listening, reading and writing. NFA provides classes for all skill sets, ranging from beginners to advance plus business levels. NFA customise and cater our English for specific purposes including, business English, aviation English and more. You may choose either, group classes or individual lessons in a friendly and warm atmosphere. NFA ensures Kids lessons are fun and practical with each lesson designed to make learning English conversation fun. For junior high school students, NFA offers international lessons to accrue useful English skills for the future. With high level teachers eligible to instruct both adults and children, to meet the demand, NFA opened a classroom for international and returning students. In 2018, NFA became NFA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (NFAIS).